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32 + Years of Advanced Joint Pain Relief Experience

Our trusted team at East Village Physical Medicine has helped many patients find relief and recover from various joint, ligament, and cartilage injuries through our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program. This non-surgical program involves a highly effective therapy protocol for pain relief and improving joint functions. We also do not utilize any form of anti-inflammatories or narcotics.

Instead, our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program incorporates advanced therapies and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy to add cushioning and structural support to the affected joint to improve the injury, disease, or condition. As a result, our program may be able to help joint diseases and conditions.

So, if you are experiencing discomfort caused by joint pain, osteoarthritis, cartilage damage, or a ligament injury, find out if our program is right for you by scheduling a consultation and exam.

Why Choose Us For Your Recovery


We Are Highly Experienced

Our physicians are well-rounded in Advanced Joint Pain Relief , preventive medicine, and PRP Therapy. We provide optimal efficiency when helping our patients.


We Customize Your Care

Receive a full examination and diagnosis of your injury followed by a customized Advanced Joint Pain Relief treatment plan. We treat each patient's unique!


Improved Quality of Life

Our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program is a non-invasive treatment option that can improve a patient’s quality of life while reducing healthcare costs.

Suffering From These Symptoms?

Our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program can relieve most joint pain symptoms and conditions. See the symptoms below for more information.

Why Choose Our
Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program

Our program has the following benefits:

  • Alleviates aches and pain caused by your injury
  • Reduces inflammation surrounding your injury
  • Reduces any stiffness you may be experiencing
  • Improves joint functionality
  • Improves mobility
  • Treats underlying cause of injury
  • Speeds up recovery

Meet Our Doctors

Meet our team of doctors who are ready to help you heal and improve your joint functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does This Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program Work?

Our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program helps improve various joint conditions and injuries. Generally, patients feel a significant decrease in pain levels and an increase in mobility in a matter of weeks after starting this therapy program.

Yes, our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program is safe! This unique program utilizes the safest and most effective non-invasive therapy options to date.

Results depend on the extent of damage to the injured area, the type of condition or injury being treated, and the location of the injured area. Typically, patients respond positively to our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program and even receive pain relief after one therapy session.

As with all medicine, there is no 100% guarantee with the our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program. However, we do cover expected outcomes during the initial consultation. Depending on your condition, additional options may be necessary.

Online Reviews

We know how effective our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program is, but we would prefer if you heard it from our patients.

Charles E.'s 5 star city search review for East Village Physical Medicine

All staff is friendly and helpful, doctors are diligent and very concerned about there patients well being. Been going for about a month and have seen substantial improvement with my issues.

Charles E.
New York , New York
Lisa C.'s 5 star city search review for East Village Physical Medicine

I went to Dr. Odulak because he had such raving reviews and I was glad I did. He is possibly the nicest, most down to earth, caring person I've had the fortune to come across. His staff is wonderful as well and it has been a very satisfying experience. He explains everything very well, gives you the information of what to expect and makes the pain go away. I love this office, even though I have others that are closer to me and recommend others to go here as well.

Lisa C.
New York , New York
Jessica P.'s 5 star Yelp review for East Village Physical Medicine

I've been going to Dr. O for many many years now. Not only do I get the benefit of feeling better through treatment but everyone seems to love their job! They are very caring and genuinely want to help. I don't have health insurance and they have always worked with me to find a good balance between appropriate care and cost.

Jessica P.
New York , New York
Yuvaraaj J.'s 5 star Yelp review for general treatment

Between dr taras and Natalie it would be hard to choose who is nicer. I like this place and people. Pricey but when I explained that I was on a budget they even gave me a discount as I had no insurance. God bless Them.

Yuvaraaj J.
New York , New York
Kate A.'s 5 star city search review for general treatment

Dr. O is a miracle worker! I have been seeing him for a few years now and knew he was good, but recently I injured myself pretty badly. Dr. O assured me he would help me be back on my feet within a week. It was hard to believe but 9 days after hurting myself I feel good as new. They are truly professionals, and they know what they're doing. I trust East Village Physical Medicine, PC and would recommend it to anyone!!!!

Kate A.
New York , New York
Franky G.'s 5 star city search review for general treatment

The office staff is friendly and scheduling is always easy. The doctors have healed me of my pain and I always enjoy my appointments here.

Franky G.
New York , New York

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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